Pastel Pals Spiker Toys (7") - Koala

USD $14.99
Pastel Pals Spiker Toys (7") - Koala

Help support the rescue of Australian Wildlife by purchasing a Koala! 


For every purchase of a Koala toy, foufouBRANDS will donate ALL PROCEEDS toward the care and rescue of the estimated 800 million animals affected by this devastating and tragic event in Australia. 

Adorable Koala in fresh pastel colours. The outer layer is a stimulating mixture of mesh and plush with embroidered details. Once the outside is destroyed, because that’s what dogs do, you can reveal our patented pill spiker on the inside. The pill spiker is made of TPR and can help clean teeth and massage gums when chewed. It also comes with a built-in squeaker for extra entertainment.

Size: 7”


US Patent No. 10,405,521